Future Horizons

Future Horizons is Institute for Training, Development and Education seeks to draw a new vision for a better future through the development of all parties - companies, organizations and individuals - in accordance with specific training plans under the hands of skilled trainers and specialists in all fields to provide excellent service in accordance with the new vision suit all the changes departing from a fixed base “the individual is the true wealth who should be trained and developed in order to institute a distinct community which believes in its potential and able to open the horizons for the future....

New vision for better future

New vision for better future

Our Vision

Provide different programs that meet the various needs of the aspects of human development and administrative for the individuals and organizations
Contributing to the distinct qualification of local cadres in various fields of training to serve the society
Working on consolidating and bequeathing the expertise and the important global training programs according to the principles and correct scientific concepts which ensure the benefit to the society’s members
Working on achieving the excellence and spread locally, regionally and globally
Raising the awareness’s level of the training’s importance

Our Goals

Graduate trainees who are Able to open new horizons in the society
Confident of their skills
Able to meet the challenges and difficulties
By training them in an environment that provides them with opportunities of competence, excellence and creativity

Our Services

Variety of administrative and accounting programs (Rehabilitation AND Development)
Self-development and human development programs
Computer programs (Specialized AND Personal)
Education and training of English programs (Diploma in English AND Short Courses)