Their master came and killed everyone except those who played video games.

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By School Chaux-des-Pres on 03/04/07 – 4:16 p.m. In Creation, Expression French> Scripture-reading A game that drives you crazy. One day, a game came out, everyone rushed on this game, but if we started playing, we left his house and joined the land of Fines. While parents and sought everywhere, but nothing.

The police were everywhere. Two months later, we forgot them and one day he came to pick up their games. The parents were happy to see them, but the children do not even saw them. The parents thought they had forgotten them. Their master came and killed everyone except those who played video games.

In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group For Teachers History magazine Geo Sociology December 1983 Author: Raymond Scheu Print
In: one grade> Kindergarten Educational Building East edited by a Departmental Group For teachers review in December 1983 Author: Mylene Thomann printable version

In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group For teachers review Movements> Freinet movement> departmental group in December 1983 The educator unions for teachers review Movements> Freinet movement> Freinet October 1965 After a long ripening, the fruit of forty years of experience, our techniques are now invoked everywhere you objectively consider the plight of contemporary pedagogy, and the urgent need to make up for a delay that could jeopardize forever democratic education.

Despite the eagerness with which educators exercise cling to the old ways, our ideas are gaining ground in a comforting allure: self-expression, which no one considered the possibility during our first achievements ago thirties is now a new element of education; documentary files and self-correcting gradually replace the old practice of homework and lessons; school newspapers and correspondence soon crisscross the world of children; by work and lectures plans, students now have the floor and prepare practically, experimentally, to their function of men. Our determination to defend the liberating spirit of our technical and condemn the same time the dumbing down of Scholastic today opened a gap.

The problem is posed – unofficially out of the school, and even officially in the various educational bodies – the predominance of cultural elements on technical acquisitions. In ancient verbiage, it tends to substitute individual experience or in teams, and work.

But these ideas are not born – they could not be born – theoretical speculation sterile data of a convict past, they have taken shape since the first in world education, we have made the tools and techniques enabling new forms of work best suited to our environment: printing and school newspaper, limographe, paintings, files, working library, tape, teaching tapes, etc … as long as these tools do not exist, it was educators of merely intellectual explanations and demonstrations which they fed their lessons learned. Technical progress is now possible in the mass schools.

These are not the only theories that have enriched and modernized industrial equipment of our country. He certainly took theoretical research: they have only become efficient in so far as they have resulted in substantial practical achievements. The home management is changing, not by the fact of speeches and explanations, but through the manufacture and sale of mass necessary equipment.

And the most remote countryside are acquiring mowers and tractors, even where the School remains the most anachronistic practices to 1900. Through tools and work techniques in a modern teaching service, school renovation is started because it is an absolute necessity, it can now evolve to a surprising pace. For us to guide this development.

We have unfortunately but very little support in the development of our action. For various reasons, it would be useful to analyze our experience grows in a period of national and international educational surprisingly empty.

There are only thirty years, our pedagogy, had she taken shape, could confront one of fifteen great psychologists and pedagogues who were honored and the promise of an era: Decroly and centers interest, Maria Montessori and innovations for the first child; Cousinet and group work; Ferriere and Active School; Pierre Bovet, Claparede and Dottrens School of Geneva; Miss Pankurst Washburne and the USA, not to mention John Dewey, the theorist of a new conception of the school, Wallon, Piaget, Dalcroze, Freud, Paul Gheeb with the prestigious procession of great thinkers who at the time were following nearly all our work: Romain Rolland, Barbusse, Jean-Richard Bloch, Gandhi, Gorky Tagore. How and why this consuming fire that encouraged us and fed us has he suddenly fainted, and psychological and pedagogical theory emptied of its prestigious researchers?

Should we see here the fact perhaps that new generations have realized it was pointless to follow the ways of the past, when nothing yet traced the paths of the future? And is it because she has addressed the problem by using a new, as of yet not given interviews that Freinet, only in the current outlook, carries the hopes of the revival?

Problems Recycling School renovation requires a deep reconsideration of pedagogy, a radical change in the techniques of working and living, recycle, to use a fashionable word, without which school reform remain science homework answers
vague desire and illusion. There can be indeed a mere technical recycling. If it were enough to change manual or reconsider the form of lessons, the opposition of teachers could be as formal and temporary. Mats is the whole concept of learning that we have to change.

We’ll have to scrap everything we have learned about how to approach the classroom and engage in a new formula for working and living. Think of the difficulty faced by authoritarian training teachers to reconsider on more human foundations and democratic nature of the master-student relationship. What will it be when we advise educators from the life of the child in the community, and help to know and be silent in the fraternal team?

For the reasons that are needed should be that we have beside us intellectuals, researchers, psychologists, teachers to varying degrees, ready to explore psychologically and educationally new problems that brings out our techniques: issue of free expression, that of creation in all areas, continuing invention and therefore the exaltation of the imagination, learning process for which we present our experimental trial and error theory; instead of the child and adolescent in the new company and thus at the School; the possible role of audiovisual techniques through efficient education, the impact of film and TV. Everything is to reconsider.

Very old and firmly established tradition in ideas and books are now shaken. The bold example of modern mathematics should encourage us in our iconoclastic effort. But there must be workers free-spirited and able to tackle this is to give birth to what must be and will be. We have the advantage of presenting a coherent psychological and pedagogical theory, based on a successful experience today.

We need far-sighted among educators and parents are aware of the impasse dies School and the possibility of escape by action commensurate with our dynamic era. We must, at all costs, break the silence as books and magazines are about the problems of education, yet so vital. What good is more valuable than the future of the child!

We created a Freinet Vence Institute to encourage and coordinate research for the formation depth of French and foreign educators who will use it.

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