Apple takes more than 1m US pre-orders for Watch, says estimate

By  Tom Paye
Published  April 14, 2015

Apple has taken more than 1m pre-orders in the United States for its highly anticipated wearable device, according to an estimate from Slice Intelligence.

Slice Intelligence gleans data from an opt-in service that allows it to glean information from receipts in users’ e-mail inboxes. The company said that, of their 2m customers, 9,080 bought one or more Apple Watch.

Extrapolating from that data, Slice estimated that, in total, 957,000 US buyers ordered an Apple Watch over the weekend, at an average of 1.3 watches per person. This puts the number of Apple Watches actually pre-ordered in the US at more than 1.2m units.

“According to e-receipt data from a panel of 2m online shoppers, each Apple Watch buyer ordered an average of 1.3 watches, spending $503.83 per watch. Those ordering an Apple Watch Sport spent $382.83 per watch and those ordering the Apple Watch spent $707.04,” said the report.

According to the data that Slice gleaned, the Black Sport Band was by far the most popular option for buyers of the Apple Watch Sport, taking 64% of the share. The White Sport Band, meanwhile, took 22%, with the other, more boldly coloured options were less popular, taking a combined 14% of share.

The Black Sport Band was also the most popular pairing for the more expensive Apple Watch, according to Slice. The report said that 28% of Apple Watch buyers opted for the Black Sport Band, while 25% went for the Milanese Loop band. The Link Bracelet came in third, with 14% share, while the Black Classic Buckle took 12% of Apple Watch sales, the report said.

Slice Intelligence’s data did not take into account the other markets in which Apple Watch had been launched over the weekend – a further eight countries. Therefore, is Slice’s data is accurate, Apple could have already taken several million pre-orders for Apple Watch globally.

The new wearable is not currently available in the Middle East, with Apple simply saying that it will be made available here in 2015.

Apple has not released opening-weekend sales figures for the Watch as it tends to with iPhone launches. Indeed, the company has already said that it will not be breaking out revenue numbers or unit sales for the Watch in its financial results. This, the company says, is due to competitive reasons.



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